Making History Since 1925

Here at Early's we take pride in our rich history. As we come up on 100 years of business, we are looking for more and more ways to celebrate not only our company, but the community that has made us into the brand we are today.

Erskine and his mother, Mamie Elgate Kincaid Early, founded Early's Honey Stand back in 1925, making us the oldest retailer in Williamson County, Tennessee.

 Erskine and his family grew up near what was the Andrew Jackson Highway at the time (now U.S. 31). Although the Toll gate was removed in 1919, this was still the only route available to the folks headed to and from Florida, making this a great spot to set up shop!

 The original stand sat out near the roadside under a mulberry tree. When the family’s honey supply was prosperous, Mamie Early would pour the raw, local honey into any jars she could get her hands on. With 2 barrels, a few planks of wood, and Erskine’s homemade “Honey for Sale” sign, the business was born.

The stand went on to sell honey and fruit when the season was plentiful, and smoked sausage and country ham in the winters. Cider was added into the mix as well, and used to be sold by the glass, or by the jug. Mamie Early’s vision worked quite well, and we continue to hold our history near and dear to us as we’ve opened our doors wider than just the great state of Tennessee. 

Before long, mail order became our bread and butter. Now we send packages across the U.S., bringing a little piece of our small town right to your front door. Through the years we have gained quite the following, and have even sent orders to quite a few famous folks. Government officials, professional athletes, royalty, television chefs, and even Tennessee legend Elvis Presley, have all placed orders with us! We're honored to be a top choice among the public when it comes to country foods and gifting!

As for the brick and mortar store, we’ve renovated a few times and opened a couple other locations, but have decided to downsize and bring it right back into our hometown of Spring Hill, Tennessee. In Erskine Early’s words “Business goes where it is wanted, and stays where it is treated well.”

We are located right on Main Street in charming Spring Hill, TN. The building that the store is in was originally used as the Early's Mail Order building, and dates back to the 1960's.

 Did you know? We've been sending out catalogs for every holiday season since the early 1950's. The Early's brand has become a family tradition, whether it's the beautiful smoked turkey on Thanksgiving, or the biscuits and sausage on Christmas morning. Make us your family's Country Christmas Tradition this season!