Country Cupboard Mixes (Choose 3)

Country Cupboard Mixes (Choose 3)

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Early's Seasoned Flour
Our Seasoned Flour makes the best skillet fried chicken anywhere. Walter Wyckoff, who helped the Kentucky Colonel with his famous fried chicken recipe, helped develop it. It's great for onion rings, chops and catfish. Customers tell us it makes the perfect gravy, too!

Hill Country Biscuit Mix
Hot country biscuits baking in the oven work better than any alarm clock. And ours taste better than any other biscuit. So why stop at breakfast? Serve fresh-baked Hill Country biscuits anytime.

Griddle Cake Mix
With our Griddle Cake Mix, you get fluffy, mouth-watering griddle cakes just like the ones your Mom used to make - without the mixing. Our customers tell us they're the best pancakes they've ever tasted!

Real Southern Corn Grits
The South is known for grits...and grits don't come any better than ours which are stone ground from whole grain kernels to reveal all that hearty corn flavor. ( currently on backorder)

Self-Rising Corn Meal
Same great flavor as our regular Stone Ground Corn Meal only a whole lot quicker to make. Has all the kernel, including the germ, plus self-rising ingredients to save you work without sacrificing taste. Easy to fix.