Simple & Easy: Corn & Bacon, yellow onion cookin’

corn and bacon for web


Early’s Thick Sliced Country Bacon (two slices about 3-4oz)

Corn (can be canned for ease)

Yellow Onion (half)

Cast Iron Pan (Ideally)

This is about as darn easy as it gets! But It’s very delicious and hey, it’s a great starter recipe, maybe you can get the kids to do it for you!

And having it steaming before you get out of bed!

Cook & Prep Time: 15min

Cut your yellow onion in half

Chop in desired size

Remove pack of Early’s thick sliced hickory smoked bacon (all the hard works been done)

Take your two strands out and slice them in about one centimeter slices

Locate your corn (important to do this before firing up the bacon; trust us, we know from experience and fire alarms)

Get your cast iron pan hot.

Put it on the stove, turn the stove to medium heat and let the pan heat up for 2-3 minutes

Then put your Bacon on the pan

Cook on medium heat for 3-4 min

Then throw your onions in the pan

Cook on medium for 2-3min

The. Turn heat down to low/ medium and cook for another 3min

Then throw your corn in the pan

Cook to desired taste we recommend just another 2-3min

Plate, and perfect side or even full breakfast done!


Throw some eggs in the pan, scramble them up (just a couple min) & done!